My name is Eric Hill and I have been serving as a local pastor for the United Methodist Church since 2015. My family is originally from south Georgia and I have lived in Western North Carolina since 1979. For most of my life I have grown up in the mountains and rivers. I graduated from Pisgah High School in 1993, joined the United States Army in November of 1993, and married my high school sweetheart in August of 1994.

After serving active duty at Fort Bragg, NC for only a couple of years, I left the Army and moved back to the mountains. I bounced from job to job. My son, Austin, was born in May of 1997. My daughter was born premature in August of 2000.

Following 9/11 I reenlisted into the Army Reserves. I was assigned to a Reserve unit in Knoxville, TN In February of 2003 I was attached to the 926 Engineer Brigade in Montgomery, AL I was deployed to Mosul, Iraq and returned home in March of 2004. I stayed with the 926 and was deployed a second time in 2008.


After returning on Valentine's Day of 2009, I found my way back to God and the Church. After working as a carpenter for five and a half years, I answered the call to preach. God is good all of the time.

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Serving Congregations

I'm currently with two wonderful congregations. I am serving Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church in Candler, North Carolina, and also Rockwood United Methodist Church in Canton, North Carolina.

These two congregations have not only helped me grow as a pastor, but also as just Eric Hill.